...Heshvan 24, 5766

Esta vale muito a pena baixar/adquirir e também se possível baixar o belíssimo clip..... ao final os links .......

Música: Spirits

i could be with you
or waiting in the wings
lift your heart with soaring song
cut down the puppet strings (2x)

i wear a coat of drums
and dance upon your eyes
turn the tables upside down
change the lows to highs (2x)

i fill you up with butterflies
crown the heads of kings
be glad of first night nerves
for fear gives courage wings
fear gives courage wings

if i am on the sidelines
chances are you'll miss
wait alone and spotlit
for doctor theatre's kiss

the stage becomes a ship in flames
i tie you to the mast
throuw your body overboard
the spotlight doesn't last (2x)


i may tap you on the shoulder
and whisper "go" in red
strip your feet of lead my friend
strip your feet of lead

Chorus 1:
call the curtain
raise the roof
spirits on tonight

(chorus 1 - x2)

we love our audience


Na Bauhaus foram criados desde de tipos gráficos até chaleiras uma escola de artes, design e arquitetura que criou de tudo um pouco.. Para saber mais é só dar uma "voltinha" na rede mundial... alguns nomes para pesquisar :

Dietmar Starke
Georg Muche
Gerhard Marks
Gunda Stölzl
Hinnerk Scheper
Johannes Itten
Joost Schmidt
Josef Albers
László Moholy-Nagy
Lothar Schreyer
Lyonel Feininger
Lyonel Feininger
Marcel Breuer
Marianne Brandt
Oskar Schlemmer
Paul Klee
Walter Gropius
Wassily Kandinsky
A banda é genial assim como a escola que a batizou gerou o tones on tail, o Love and Rockets e uma legião de sguidores... é só procurar na rede


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