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A fantástica islandesazinha em dois momentos, solo e com o mágnifico Sugar Cubes, ao final os links, inclusive o do Tadeu Jungle em cuja idéia ( foto de de segunda)inspirei-me para mandar estas letras pra vocês ..... à todos um bom domingo......

Música:Human Behaviour

If you ever get close to a human
and human behaviour
be ready to get confused

there's definitely no logic
to human behaviour
but yet so irresistible

there is no map
to human behaviour

they're terribly moody
then all of a sudden turn happy
but, oh, to get involved in the exchange
of human emotions is ever so satisfying

there's no map and
a compass
wouldn't help at all

human behaviour

Banda: Sugar Cubes

Deus does not exit.
But if he does, he lives in the sky above me,
In the fattest largest cloud up there.
He’s whiter than white and cleaner then clean.
He wants to reach me.

Deus does not exist.
But if he does I always notice him.
Getting ready in his airy room.
He’s picking his gloves so gently off.
He wants to touch me.

I’m walking humbly down a tiny street
Pulling my collar it gets bigger, woooh

I once met him,
It really surprised me,
He put me in a bath tub,
Made me squeeky clean,
Really clean.

To create a universe
You must taste
The forbidden fruit.

He said hi. I said hi,
I was still clean.

Deus does not exist,
But if he does he’d want to get down from that cloud,
First marzipan fingers then marble hands,
More silent than silence and slower than slow,
Diving towards me.

My collar is huge room for two hands,
They start at the chest and move slowly down.

I thought I had seen everything,
He wasn’t white and fluffy,
He just had side burns,
He just had side burns,
And a quiff,
He said hi.
I said hi. I was still clean,
I was squeeky clean.
I was surprised.
Just as you would be.

Einar & björk
Deus, deus, deus, deus
He does not exist

(repeat ’til the end)


Comentário atual:
O clipe Humam Behaviour foi dirigido por Michel Grondy que é o diretor do filme Brilho Eterno de uma Mente sem Lembranças
abaixo uma pequena lista de clipes que o cara dirigiu ... muita coisa bacana e algumas porcarias também .. uma dica também é visitar e conhecer os artistas da gravadora One Little Indian que lançava os álbuns do Sugarcubes e atualmente cuida da Bjork e já que estou num momento de fazer listas segue também uma relação de artistas da One Little Indian ...

Artistas que tiveram álbuns lançados pela One Little Indian

2 Bit Pie
Alabama 3 (A3)
Anna Palm
Annie Anxiety Bandez
Asobi Seksu
A.R. Kane
BC Camplight
Benjamin Zephaniah
Billy MacKenzie
Björk (UK/Iceland)
Black Box Recorder
Tim Bowness
Cody ChesnuTT
Credit to the Nation
Crispin J Glover
Daisy Chainsaw
Dan Sartain
Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson
Day One
Emilíana Torrini
Eskimos and Egypt
Finger, The
The Fireman (EU)
Flux of Pink Indians
The Grim Northern Social
The Heart Throbs
Hot Snakes
Hundred & 3
Jack Planck
Jeff Klein
Jen Gloeckner
Jesse Malin
Jonathan Rice
Kelli Ali
Kill It Kid
Kitchens of Distinction
Lise Westzynthius
Lori Carson
Matthew Ryan
Michael McDermott
The Mighty Roars
Nic Armstrong
Paul McCartney
Pernice Brothers, The
Polly Paulusma
Rocket From The Crypt
Rose Kemp
Sandy Dillon
Sigur Rós
Sine Star Project
Skunk Anansie
Sleeping Dogs Wake
Sneaker Pimps
The Twilight Singers
They Might Be Giants
Underground Railroad
Without Gravity

Clipes dirigidos por Mchel Gondry

* 2007: "Declare Independence" - Björk
* 2007: "Dance Tonight" - Paul McCartney
* 2006: "Cell Phone's Dead" - Beck
* 2006: "King of the Game" - Cody ChesnuTT
* 2005: "Heard 'Em Say" (U.S. Version) - Kanye West
* 2005: "The Denial Twist" - The White Stripes
* 2005: "A Ribbon" - Devendra Banhart
* 2004: "Light & Day" (movie version) - The Polyphonic Spree
* 2004: "Winning Days" - The Vines
* 2004: "Mad World" (Donnie Darko soundtrack version) - Gary Jules
* 2004: "Ride" - The Vines
* 2004: "Walkie Talkie Man" - Steriogram
* 2004: "I Wonder" - The Willowz
* 2003: "The Hardest Button to Button" - The White Stripes
* 2002: "Come Into My World" - Kylie Minogue
* 2002: "A l'envers à l'endroit" - Noir Désir
* 2002: "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" - The White Stripes
* 2002: "Fell in Love with a Girl" - The White Stripes
* 2002: "Star Guitar" - The Chemical Brothers
* 2001: "Knives Out" - Radiohead
* 1999: "Let Forever Be" - The Chemical Brothers
* 1998: "Gimme Shelter" - The Rolling Stones
* 1998: "Another One Bites The Dust" - Wyclef Jean
* 1998: "Music Sounds Better With You" - Stardust
* 1997: "Bachelorette" - Björk
* 1997: "Deadweight" - Beck
* 1997: "Jóga" - Björk
* 1997: "Everlong" - Foo Fighters
* 1997: "A Change Would Do You Good" - Sheryl Crow
* 1997: "Around the World" - Daft Punk
* 1997: "Feel It" - Neneh Cherry
* 1996: "Sugar Water" - Cibo Matto
* 1996: "Hyper-Ballad" - Björk
* 1995: "Like A Rolling Stone" - The Rolling Stones
* 1995: "She Kissed Me" - Terence Trent D'Arby
* 1995: "Isobel" - Björk
* 1995: "Protection" - Massive Attack
* 1995: "High Head Blues" - Black Crowes
* 1995: "Army of Me" - Björk
* 1994: "Fire On Babylon" - Sinéad O'Connor
* 1994: "Lucas With the Lid Off" - Lucas
* 1994: "Little Star" - Stina Nordenstam
* 1993: "This is it (Your Soul)" - Hothouse Flowers
* 1993: "It's Too Real (Big Scary Animal)" - Belinda Carlisle
* 1993: "Human Behaviour" - Björk
* 1993: "Believe" - Lenny Kravitz
* 1993: "She Kissed Me" - Terence Trent D'Arby
* 1993: "Voila, Voila, Qu'ça r'Commence" - Rachid Taha
* 1993: "La main parisienne" - Malcolm McLaren, com participação de Amina (não-lançado)
* 1993: "Je Danse Le Mia" - IAM
* 1993: "Snowbound" - Donald Fagen
* 1993: "La Tour de Pise" - Jean François Coen
* 1993: "Hou! Mamma Mia" - Les Négresses Vertes
* 1992: "Les Jupes" - Robert
* 1992: "Two Worlds Collide" - Inspiral Carpets
* 1992: "Close But No Cigar" - Thomas Dolby
* 1992: "Paradoxal Système" - Laurent Voulzy
* 1992: "La Ville" - Oui Oui
* 1992: "How the West Was Won" - Energy Orchard
* 1992: "Les Voyages Immobiles" - Etienne Daho
* 1992: "Blow Me Down" - Mark Curry
* 1992: "Comme un ange (qui pleure)" - Les Wampas
* 1991: "Dad, laisse-moi conduire la Cad" - Peter & the Electro Kitsch Band
* 1991: "La normalité" - Les Objects
* 1991: "Sarah" - Les Objects
* 1990: "Ma Maison" - Oui Oui
* 1989: "Queen for a Day" - The Life of Riley (não-lançado)
* 1989: "Tu rimes avec mon coeur" - Original MC
* 1989: "Les Cailloux" - Oui Oui
* 1989: "Il y a ceux" - l'Affaire Louis Trio
* 1988: "Dô, l'enfant d'eau" - Jean-Luc Lahaye
* 1987: "Bolide" - Oui Oui
* 1987: "Junior Et Sa Voix D'Or" - Oui Oui




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